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Free August 2021 Horoscope

Mesh Rashi (Aries)

You would have an average month during June 2019. There would be high energy, aggression, a good amount of dynamism and a more or less positive state of mind. However, you could be aggressive in speech and might end up writing or saying things which could be controversial and cause problems with friends and extended family.

Issues with regards to joint areas of work, partnerships, marriage matters would remain high. Ego in speech is possible till the 14th of June 2019. Avoid ego with family members especially. You would come across as very attractive and positive to people around you after the 20th of June 2019. Make the most of this phase for your benefit

Vrishabh Rashi (Taurus)

June 2019 would be a positive month again. There would be widespread growth and gains for you. As the month begins, you might be low on energy or confidence. A sort of a detached and distant mindset might prevail. An amazing turn around will come after the 19th June 2019 when you will rebound with good health, confidence, positivity and very high sex appeal and attraction of people around you.

Financially it is a positive month where you would gain due to your communication skills.

You should be careful about your communications and things you write or speak after the 7th June 2019. Ego could come up often and that might cause some sort of setbacks for you in family life. Avoid controversy as much as possible. Aggression in thinking will remain throughout and you should try to remain as calm and as rational as possible.

Mithun Rashi (Gemini) 

You would have a challenging month. There would be many pressures that could come in and create controversy for you. Thinking is going to be negative. There would be some amount of drop in your health and stamina. A general disconnection in the mind would also be present. While there could be some disturbing trends, all these might lead to a general sense of disappointment and dissatisfaction.

You should avoid new projects and remain steady and in your comfort zone as much as possible during this month. Aggression in domestic matters should be totally avoided as that could create long term controversies for you. An improvement will come in after the 19th June 2019 when your expression and your way of thinking will improve dramatically. A good amount of positivity would be felt and all these would lead to very good growth and trends in the coming months.

Kark Rashi (Karkatak) (Cancer) 

You would have an average month during June 2019. There would be some amount of challenges, financial pressures and domestic hassles. All these could lead to a certain pressure in situations. However movement of Jupiter into Cancer on the 19th June 2019 would help you think more positively and a known probability of entering into a new phase of growth. This is a time to learn and see a new perspective of life in the coming 5-6 months.

The education and learning that you acquired with this new transit of Jupiter is going to help you to grow in the coming 4-5 years. It is an important and interesting time in life. However, there would be challenges and you might feel pressures and tense at times. Avoid controversy at all times. Domestic life could be miserable if you are not cautious. Avoid controversy and do not try to aggressively gain your space in domestic matters.

Simha rashi (Leo)

June 2019 would be a very positive month for you. Most of the planets are in position for better results. There would be gains and growth from various quarters now. You are going to be in control. There would be high amount of authority in position.

Financial gains would be substantial. There would be expansion again in new areas of work. After the 20th June 2019, chances of investment in a real estate, property are also present. Mostly you will find the month again positive and happy for you.

Kanya rashi (Virgo)

You would remain under stress this month too. Health and injuries could be a reason for worry throughout the month. You have to cross this month cautiously as improvements will start coming mostly in the coming month. Luck and overall growth at work would be positive. There would be improvements in finances and the level of financial progress would also go up after the 19th June 2019.

Some respite in your sub cautiously disturbed pattern will also come in this month but overall much better trends will prevail in the coming month. Overall you should remain calm and take care of yourself, your health and people around you throughout this month.

Tula rashi (Libra) 

June 2019 would be a challenging month for you. There would be an opposition to ideas, high expenses, financial pressures and some amount of an undercurrent of anxiety or fear which could have an adverse impact on your decision-making skills. You might feel very fixed and aggressive at times. The ability to adapt yourself will be lower than usual. Level of confidence, energy and stamina also could be below average for the most part of the month.

You should handle this period carefully. Avoid major push in life and new commitments should be put on hold as much as possible during this month. Travel would be beneficial and pleasurable during this month. You would find a change towards a new phase of expansion at work and your ability to do new things. After the 20th June 2019 mostly creative as well as physical working skills would look up tremendously as the month comes to a close

Vrischik Rashi (Scorpio)

June 2019 would be an average month but there would be challenges. You would find there would be a continuation of financial pressures and some differences of opinion in relationships and love matters. However luck will change after the 19th June 2019 and there would be new opportunities and growth for you in various areas.

Financial matters as well as family related issues will now come into a positive sphere. Mostly you would find gains and opportunities from certain unexpected sources this month. Ego would be high and it might cause concern and some setbacks in relationships during this time.

Dhanu rashi (Sagittarius) 

This would be a positive month for you. You would start off the month with nearly everything going in favour. There would be progress, support from various quarters. A very high self-confidence, self belief and gains from various avenues. However, as the month progresses, you might find the going could get a bit troublesome and hurdles could come up. There could be an increase in pressures and some slowdown also after the 20th June 2019.

The feel good factor in life that you are experiencing might go down a bit also after the 20th June 2019. Ego would be high in the second half of the month. While you might find yourself getting into verbal conflicts, controversies after the 7th June 2019. Be careful and avoid speaking things that you don’t really intend to do. Health could be a bit lower than usual and you will find that this month would be extremely social and bring you in contact with lots of people.

Makar rashi (Capricorn) 

This month would be a positive month although some hurdles and pressures would exist for some time. You would find the initial part of the month would be slower than usual and a pick up would come in after the second part of the month. There would be new ideas, high amount of activity at work, the possibility of a new partnership and a new venture towards the end of the month.

A very bright, creative and happy period would commence after the 20th June 2019 when you would be basking in the attention and success of projects all around you. Competition might cause concern after the 7th June 2019. You need to remain cautious. Ego should not be allowed to overcome your emotions till the 15th June 2019.

Kumbha rashi (Aquarius)

You would have an average month but the level of worry and stress would be high. You are prone to anger and some amount of short tempered behavior. Further worry and anxiety about the upcoming events in life would be high. Pressures could increase after the 7th June 2019. Overall it is not an easy month and you would do well to work hard. Keep a steady focus and rely on good people around you as well as your luck to ensure things are positive for you.

Ego is possible in family matters as well as generally speaking relations with children you should avoid ego or any sort of negative feelings towards extended family as that could be detrimental to long term progress.

Meena rashi (Pisces)

Pisces seems to be on the path of recovery. The major adverse transits of Saturn, Rahu and Jupiter are moving towards a closer. Jupiter, the ruling planet for your sign would shift its sign on to Cancer on the 19th June 2019 into your house of creation, thinking new ideas and life in general. Your thinking will mature, creative powers would rise tremendously.

Your status and position would improve after the 20th June 2019. Overall you can see a very positive period for you in the coming few months. There would be possibilities of change of residence, movement into a new better area, or possibility of a real estate or a vehicle are present also during this month. You could remain controversial towards partner and in joint avenues of life that still needs a lot of caution throughout this month.

Hurdles will still remain although there would be positive and better trends but still the reality would be that you will still have issues from the past which get sorted out only very slowly and steadily. Generally speaking your reputation would be high till the 15th June 2019 and there could be some resentments towards extended family that you should guard against after the 15th June 2019.


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