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You can avail Palmistry and  Astrology Services from us by paying a reasonable fee. These services are availed for predicting the future of a person. Palmistry is also called ‘Anga Vidya’ (Science of limbs). The marks and lines on the palms and feet of a person can provide clear information about the energies going into or coming out of body. Future and past of a person can be learned by observing the marks and lines of the palms and feet.

Other details:

  • Predicting one’s future by studying the marks and lines in the palms is called ‘Hasta Samudrika’ (Palmistry)
  • Predicting the future by studying the marks and lines in the feet is called ‘Pada Samudrika’ (Footology)
  • Services offered by us are highly reliable

Palm reading and marriage

The palm reading helps to find out the love affair and marriage prospect in future. Along a deep marriage line nearer to the heart line denotes an early sexual attachment either in the form of marriage or an affair. A single, long marriage line shows one affection and everlasting relationship with the spouse.

Palm Reading and Children

Palm reading can also be a blessing for the childless couples. The children lines are present above the marriage lines vertically and on the mount of Mercury. An expert can analyse how many children are in your destiny. If any hurdles found in the progeny, it can be cured by the proper use of gemstones and horoscope analysis.

Palm reading and fate line

Like the name, a fate line represents the fate of a person. A fate line is a straight line starting from the lower palm in an upward direction. If the course of a fate line is regular and without any break then it denotes a shining destiny while a break, cross, chained fate line, and an island in a fate line can be alarming for the future life.

In a similar way, each line of the hand has its own significant and there is a completely separate reading of each line of the hand, color of the palm, signs found on the mounts of the palm, and various small lines on the palm. It is necessary that palm should be read properly for perfect findings and solutions.

Palmistry is a beneficial outcome of our ancient’s astrologer knowledge that is more proficient and skilled. Palm reading specialists astrologer can give exact solutions to the problems along with various permutations and combinations because each portion of our hand is represented by the 9 major planets. If you consult a palm reader who is also an astrologer then he can also judge the effect of the 9 planets in your palms.


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