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An introduction to Yogini Dasha

An introduction to Yogini Dasha

The total duration of Yogini Dasha is 36 years. There are eight Yogini Dasha namely Mangla, Pingala, Dhanya, Bhramari, Bhadrika, Ulka, Siddha and Sankata. Mangla stays for one year, Pingala for two years, Dhanya for three, Bhramari for four years, Bhadrika for five, Ulka for six, Siddha for seven and Sankata for eight years.

Mangala Mangala Nanda, Yashoda Ravin Dayini || Pingala Tanutevyadhi, Manusau Dukh Sambhramau || Dhanya Dhan Suha Dvandhu Nupanshi Matinikari || Bhramari Janma Bhumighni, Bhram Yetsarvato Deshim || Bhadrika Sukh Sampatti, Vilas Bal Dayini || Ulka Rajya Dhan Arogya, Harini Dukh Dayini || Siddha Sadhyet Karya, Nriptinaach Rajyada || Sankata Vyadhi Maranam Sarvada Kalesh Karini ||

Mangla Dasha

The duration of Mangla Dasha is for one years. The Lord of Mangla Dasha is Moon. During this dasha, a person is calm and pure. Such a person is inclined towards religious activities. He is interested in good and pure thoughts.

Pingala Dasha

The duration of Pingala Dasha is for two years. Sun is the Lord of Pingala Dasha. According to scholars, Sun is an aggressive planet. Due to this, Pingala Dasha causes diseases, heart problems and aggression in a person.

Dhanya Dasha

Dhanya Dasha’s duration is three years. It’s Lord is Jupiter. This dasha is considered to be auspicious. A person achieves progress and success during this dasha. Jupiter is the karaka planet for religion and spirituality. It takes a person on pilgrimages and a righteous path.

Bhramari Dasha

Bhramari Dasha’s duration is four years. Mars is the Lord of Bhramari Dasha. This dasha causes dilemma in a person’s life. Mars is an aggressive planet. It may cause defamation, demotion and change of place. According to some scholars, Bhramari dasha causes problems in family life. However, it provides success with efforts and courage.

Bhadrika Dasha

The duration of Bhadrika Dasha is for five years. Mercury is the Lord of Bhadrika Dasha. This dasha brings support and love to your life. Such a person makes many friends. He is respected and blessed by influential people and saints.

Ulka Dasha

Ulka is Saturn’s Dasha. It stays for six years. This dasha is compared to weapons of mass destruction. This dasha is considered to be inauspicious. A person may lose money, fame and conveyance during this dasha. There may be stress and disputes in the family.

Siddha Dasha

This is Venus’ Dasha. It extends up to seven years. This is considered to be an auspicious Dasha. During this dasha, a person is happy and fortunate. He may also be promoted.

Sankata Dasha

Sankata is Rahu’s Dasha. The duration of this dasha is eight years. Sankata Dasha provides wealth, fame and promotion to a person. Such a person may be detached from the family. Such a person is usually stubborn.

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