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Taurus monthly 2017 horoscope

Taurus September monthly 2017 horoscope

Saturn’s transit will be adverse while Jupiter’s transit will be favorable for career and profession. Love and social life will be fruitful and happy for you in this month. Great month for intellectuals and students and planning business related traveling. Due to adverse transits your as well your parents health will be sluggish so proper care is needed towards the same.

Taurus September Career, Incomes and Gains horoscope

Saturn in transit is crossing over the 7th from your Moon-sign. This is not a very favorable transit and you may face some problems affecting some areas of your life. If you are employed somewhere then you’d be under pressure from your boss and may have a difference of opinion with your superiors as well as colleagues. You may even think of leaving your job to find a new one. In business you may find orders or sales graph going down for you in this period. Jupiter in transit is crossing over the 5th from your Moon-sign. This is a highly favorable transit, and Jupiter will shower you with his choicest blessings. Some of your long cherished ambitions may get fulfilled. You will get the help of influential people due to which your career may get a boost. If you are looking for promotion it may happen after a few obstacles and delays in this period.

Taurus September Love, Family and Social Life horoscope

This period will be a happy one for your family and social life. You will get full support from your spouse. Your children will be a constant source of happiness for you and their activities will give you a sense of pride and happiness. You will be able to enjoy quality time with your family. Social standing will be higher and your popularity will increase. People who are in love may find their love growing stronger and they are enjoying the company of their lover.

Taurus September Education and Traveling horoscope

Jupiter and Venus transits are favorable for students and intellectuals who are pursuing educational or intellectual pursuits. The chances of success in their endeavors are highly possible. This period is good for planning traveling for business purposes and traveling for the same will yield good results. Traveling for vacation and pleasure purposes could get tense due to health issues which means traveling good get canceled due to same or get affected due to health issues during the time of vacation.

Taurus September Health horoscope

Due to saturn’s adverse transit the health of your spouse may cause you some serious concern, and your own health may not remain so good. Sun’s transit is not favorable for your parents, one of whose health-condition might cause you some concern especially in second half of the month.

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