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What will be the probable effects of the Sun’s transit in Pisces on the 12 Signs?

Sun is transiting in Pisces on March 14, 2016. What changes this Sun transit will bring in your life and the world around? Read the horoscope predictions given by our expert astrologer Acharya Shri


Health of Aries natives may deteriorate. Your thinking will not remain stable. You are required to give some time to yourself. Avoid junk-food, otherwise problems in stomach are possible. Intensity of love may decrease; however, you can overcome all the misunderstandings staying by using whats-app correctly. Married-life will remain normal. Avoid excessive use of computer and cell-phone, as it would be good for your eyes. Slight decrease is possible in spirituality, but it will not affect much. Harm is possible to children. You will spend a great amount of energy on social media like facebook or whatsapp.


You will try to help others. Your mentality will remain good. There are good chances of financial gains. You should make a habit of exercising regularly, otherwise some tensions would occur regarding health. You would love to spend on junk-food. You would also stay cautious about your beauty and appearance. Ladies may use extra make-up and expensive perfumes. You will post many updates about yourself on facebook or whatsapp etc. But, then also its use will remain in limit.


You will excessively use communication means, like facebook and whatsapp. You will spend a great amount of time on your cell-phone and computer. You are a person of jolly nature and this will further increase. Intake of drinks might increase. You are also likely to wake-up early in the morning. Your married and love life will remain normal. Avoid alcohol, otherwise defamation is possible. Health will be fine, but a little of carelessness can show you the way to hospital.


Your interest for spirituality will increase. You are not a very technical person. Expenses on mobile internet are likely to increase greatly during the last phase of the transit. You will remain cautious for your looks, but this time might decrease your interest in it. You will not lose interest in perfumes. Your performance at workplace will be average. You will spend time with your family and enjoy their company. Some differences may also occur, but you will settle them by giving surprise gifts. You will explore a lot of online shopping sites, as you may buy something new. Average results will come from children.


You may feel lack of confidence in the beginning of transit. But, you are an energetic personality; hence, you will recover from the situation easily in 2-3 days. Your health may cause trouble for some time, but the problem will not increase much. Your finance related tensions will prove to be useless, as you will arrange the money very easily. But, some serious issues are possible with life-partner. A sense of punctuality may decrease, but you will fulfill that with your hard work. You always remain aware about your personality and this time also your shine will be the same.


You are a creative person. You will come home on time and won’t give any reason of complaint to your spouse. You may have to spend a lot on your life-partner. You should wear light-colored clothes. Losses are likely to come from children. You may feel difficult in having mental peace. Try to take help of Yoga and Pranayama to keep yourself calm. Perception of religion and spirituality will become stronger in mind. Tensions regarding love-relationships will remain. If you are having an extra-marital affair, keep your cell-phone on a safer place.


There are chances that you will remain happy during this time. You will not feel excessively stressed. You will communicate a lot via mobile or whatsapp. Women of this sign have a special attraction toward interaction, that’s why your telephone and mobile bills remain quite high. Health may reduce a bit, but there is nothing to worry about. Make a habit of going for a walk daily in the morning for about 4-5 kilometers, health will remain fine. Financial situation will remain average. Your faith in god may reduce a bit.


Either your cell-phone may malfunction or it may fall somewhere. You would like extra calorie food. You will also eat sweets with great interest. Love relationships and personal life will remain great. There is no need to worry for anything. You will become spiritual and will engage yourself in prayers. You may desire for new clothes and will fulfill this with the help of internet. But, get full details of the product before buying it, as things often go wrong with you.


Some discussions are possible regarding immovable property. Renovation work is possible at home. Your health will remain good and you will perform great at workplace. Relationship with wife also remain good. Expenses will increase. Your personality will shine as always. Desire of looking beautiful will rise more among women. You will also perform great in the field of education. You will pretend to be spiritual and will fool people around.


You may face troubles from servants. Financial gains will occur, but money will not stay for long. Health will remain average, some natives may suffer from viral fever. You will feel good, generally. You should stay cautious about your health, as stomach problems may raise anytime. Minor tiffs are possible at workplace. Passiveness may come in your relationship. You will share good relationship with wife.


You will get success in works. Mental state will also remain good. But, a tendency of delaying things may occur in you. You will remain aware about your clothes. You may feel attracted toward some other lady. Love relationships will remain good. Love affairs of aquarius natives mostly end prematurely. Married life will remain good. Funds are likely to come from in-laws. Avoid alcohol and heavy food products, as they may put adverse affects on your health.

There are many chances of chaos in personal life. You may go for travelling to distant places. Chances of disputes may also arise with someone at home. Good chances of profits may occur. Your efficiency will improve at workplace. Minor fever may occur. Your love relationships will remain great. Financial situation will be good. You will follow punctuality in daily routine.

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