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May 2017 horoscope and predictions

May 2017  predictions

Aries Monthly Horoscope May 2017

During this month Aries men will have certain expectations regarding events, meetings, changes to the home and your energy will be directed towards the realization of these expectations. Definitely, your home will be your priority in May.
You can expect your close relative to visit you and stay in your home for a while.
An anxious moment may come about because of a situation in the life of a woman from your family or neighbourhood environment.
Aries women should try to find the cause of stress in your life this month. Do not deal with things lightly.
The great moments during this month will be associated with waiting for unexpected money or documents which will bring you regular income in the future, an increase in salary, or a new contract.
Successfully development will bring trials of a financial nature if you are involved in this sort of thing.
Conflict based on jealousy can lead to a disclosure of truths that are complicated or that would be painful for you. From this nothing good will come, so be careful with emotions that you cannot control.
This month will test career, business and what you are doing in your workplace. There may be some desirable and undesirable changes. You should pay particular attention if you work with money.
You may have an encounter with unexpected guests, a meeting with people who bring joy to themselves and to you.
You will find yourself suddenly in the right place at the right time.

Taurus Monthly Horoscope May 2017
Before you is a strong and successful May 2017 in which you will have contacts and meetings defining your future actions of a financial nature. There will be a settlement of financial relations with relatives or business partners.
A proposal may bring you a better-paid job, profitable trade or business.
Enhanced communication with people from far and near can be both personal/romantic and on a business basis.
You’ll get useful information or suggestion from a woman.
You will have an expectation of difficult talks or confrontations with people. This connection will be trouble that you can not solve precisely because of the impact and the influence on these people.
You will worry or you will try to give help and support to a friend (male or female) who has a serious health problem.
For Taurus men, there will be major complications of a friendly relationship. They will affect you as depressive, melancholy, depressing feelings.
In May, some marital and family relationships will be tested. The problems there will not be new. Most likely in the past, you experienced a separation or division, but now things are even more complex and unpredictable.
Bad news will come related to a person who is part of your kinship circle.
When you are making important decisions in May, be beware of unsolicited advice, or manipulation. Possibly, attempts will be used for the purposes of another person.
Overall, May will be a productive and successful month for you. But the problems that will arise now in any case should not be ignored.

Gemini Monthly Horoscope May 2017
In May you should consider, plan or implement an important trip. It will definitely be connected with your desire to start something new, to implement a new plan or go to a place where you have not been before.
Overall, May is favourable for travel, regardless of its purpose.
It`s possible that bad news or an event related to a former spouse or your previous love affair will appear.
May will be emotionally unpredictable, with a probability of some tests of your current relationship.
There is a possibility of parting with a loved one which will be due to a sad or joyous occasion.
A surprise this month may be associated with work/education regarding a person from your family, and a sudden decision for a repair or some change in your home.
This will be a favourable month for business away from home, online business and more.
May will be suitable for you in terms of your financial resources. You will have opportunities for better income, to receive money which is delayed for some reason, and others.
Financial relationships will occur with people from another location or country. You will have interesting contacts with people from near and far.
Difficulties will develop in communicating with children and grandchildren for Gemini women. You may accidentally hurt someone deeply, someone close to you.
May may delight you with a gift, purchase, or a favourable development of a property problem and others.
There may be a possible material reward or material gain because of a game of chance.

Cancer Monthly Horoscope May 2017
During May ahead are some expected and unexpected events in your home related to a trip for yourself or someone from your family.
For some Cancer people, this could involve longer travel or relocation.
All events this month in your home will have a connection with people or circumstances that are far from you.
You will have conversations with children or young family that will be related to money, payments and investments. It is possible that you can help them financially or they will help you. Possibly there will be joint action with them that will require common financial resources.
You may be getting money for a child or from a child.
You will restore a friendly relationship that you lost in the past due to various circumstances in your life or in the life of another person.
You may experience a return to an old love or meeting with an old love which will be enjoyable for both parties.
May will be a favorable month for changes in both planning and implementation. In some cases, these changes may be connected with a person from your family, relative.
This will be a favorable month for contacts with judicial or legal institutions, but if you avoid them, it would be better.
Health may remind you of the priority that it should be in your life. It is possible there will be some discomfort or pain that generally will not surprise.

Leo Monthly Horoscope May 2017
In May people born under the sign of Leo may experience disappointment with the actions of a woman. Promise that she would not fulfill or to no purpose hope from her will make you sad and even cry. Intuitively, you know that you can count on her, but when the desire for something is more powerful, you can pass such unpleasant moments.
The surprise this month will be related to a girl or young woman; options related to this are varied. Perhaps this nice event will concern a daughter, grandchild, or other close relatives, perhaps a girlfriend.
There will be unexpected success for Leo women.
In May there may arise a opportunity for an interesting change in your work. Possibly it will be associated with moving to a better place. It is possible to return to an old position where it is more pleasant to work.
Ahead of you will be a traveling on business, for a purpose, a mission.
In May, many will be happy to gain things at home or a gift from a loved one.
It will be a favorable month for a new, romantic relationship the development of which will of course depend on your individual data.
Possible conflict at home, which will be connected to a scam, or a disguised action for some reason. Conflicts may also arise because of the impact on your family relations by a person outside your home.
In May you will be glad of the successful completion of trouble in the life of a boy or young man. It is possible that you will have helped him with something related to it.
Leo men will gradually emerge from a difficult period in their lives or from a difficult situation.

Virgo Monthly Horoscope May 2017
In May people born under the sign of Virgo will end a friendly, family or professional bond after a period of conflict or tension.
You will have no feelings of pity or remorse after this decision.
News will come to you related to  troubles of a financial nature concerning a relative or friends who live relatively close to you.
Unexpected, small expense or payment must be made within a short period of time.
Unexpected success, will bode very well for good change in your personal or professional life in the coming months.
There will be favorable development or completion of a court case, or legal case of some kind.
This month Virgo men may receive very important support or help of an older woman or an woman with experience or power in office that will develop your talents, skills, or an innovative idea / project.
In May, be careful in your financial relations, agreements or promises related to women. It is possible that at some point things will be very complex or difficult to implement. Beware of fraud, or manipulation by a girl or woman.
At home, sometimes the atmosphere will be depressing and stressful, but this will be a temporary state of your relationship.

Libra Monthly Horoscope May 2017
During this month you will expect an important invitation or offer. This will engage your mind until its realization.
It will be a favorable month for a business trip, or a move to another location related to education or work.
In May it is possible to worry about events in the life of a friend who is currently some distance away from you.
You may have an unexpected meeting or presentation, during which you may meet new and interesting people, who have yet to have any impact on your outlook and perceptions of the world around you.
Hard times will come involving a child or grandchild which will be of a different nature, according to their age, and due to some other additional circumstances.
Future Libra mothers must care more about themselves, about their emotional and physical comfort.
You will consider some important expenses and purchases that must be made during the month.
You will wait for the receipt of money or other key information of a financial nature: a document, contract, loan.
During this month you will expect some acknowledgment or apology for previous actions, a malicious action against you or a theft. This will be important to you, although already you yourself have decided what to do with that person.
You will receive an invitation to travel from a friend, but that will not be appealing to your wishes at this stage.
Invitations to meetings will come to you related to birthdays or other personal celebrations.
For Libra men May will be an interesting month, mainly because of privacy where you can implement some changes, plans associated with family or a loved one and others.
Unmarried men may experience unexpected flirting, falling in love, dating.

Scorpio Monthly Horoscope May 2017
May will be a month of surprises for young Scorpio men. Almost none of your preliminary plans will be implemented according to your expectations.
This month will be a time for important decisions related to your love relationship.
This is a time to complete, clear, settle troubles, especially those which are left behind for some reason from the previous months. One by one, things will stabilize and harmonize.
Scorpio women may worry about an important trip in May or June. Change may come for which you are not ready or that goes against the will and desire.
In your family, however,  events may develop that you hide from view and intentionally fear or otherwise conceal from the one that is involved in them. It is very likely that, in this case it may involve relatives that do not live under the same roof with you, but could involve someone with whom you live.
New people in your personal or professional environment will annoy you or you would not be willing to accept them easily, which is very unusual for you, but in this case will be due to a specific reason and your emotional status.
For Scorpio singles, May will bring interesting events related to new or old love, especially if your partner lives close to you (in one location) or with you.
In May, you will gradually finish troubling problems of a financial nature, payments and obligations. Things will improve, for some of you in a tangible way, for others less so, but overall May will bring positive growth.
You may receive money rightfully coming to you, which for some reason you have had difficulty to get until now.

Sagittarius Monthly Horoscope May 2017
Dear Sagittarius, in May you can meet friends from afar or you can travel to visit with friends. At the same time, it is possible that there will be a departure of a person from among your friends, someone who will go to live or work in another town.
Costs this month may be higher than revenue, but this will be for a specific reason.
There is the possibility of a delay of money which will involve a certain cost that will make you ask for help from a parent or other relative.
Keep track of your personal belongings and money in public places.
You may have cares or worries about health problems of a close female relative or a friend.
Sagittarius men will have to make an important decision this month and it will cost you a lot of stress or insomnia. Sometimes things come at their own place, or in their own time and you must think about your own health.
A meeting or visit to your home may be made by people who are in some financial desperation or make an error or experience a failure of a financial nature.
Bad news may come related to a woman. Sagittarius women, if they are involved this month with a lawsuit or legal case, need to be cautious in their expectations because the circumstances are quite favorable and dynamic in their development.
The good news this month will not only reassure you that you have walked this far on the right path, but will make you feel optimism and energy to move forward. Ahead of you are interesting meetings, conversations and communications with people from far and near.
An offer will come to you that will be hard to resist, no matter with what it is connected.

Capricorn Monthly Horoscope May 2017
May can be a beneficial and financially successful month for people born under the sign of Capricorn, although you will have some important or urgent expenditures and payments. There will be a possibility of an additional commitment or the award of a well-paid job for you.
Interestingly, this month will be one in which it will be hard to see the future development of each event. If you can, if you can gain insight into its design, you will find that in fact, the fate will generously reward you in one way or another. But before that, there may be a somewhat unpleasant way of making room for the new events in your life.
Avoid being suspicious of people and events, and do not let yourself be fooled by small or big lies and manipulations. Now it is easy to challenge yourselves by taking care of unwanted and unpleasant problems.
May will be a time for romance and love, especially for Capricorn men who will have interesting experiences with their current partners in an existing connection. This will be a time in which you can take steps to make decisions for a more serious commitment.
May can be remembered with love and excitement of a now-grown child or grandchild.
An unexpected delay or a denial will appear connected to an almost certain plan or expectation associated with your personal or professional life. Although your initial reaction, it is better to sit down and consider well why all this is happening, because it is possible that there is something better to be asked….
During May is possible there will be an unwanted or unplanned pregnancy, as well as more complex emotions about the birth of a child.

Aquarius Monthly Horoscope May 2017
In May, you will need to make a serious commitment or take care of the education or career of a child. This obligation will be more for Aquarius women. In some cases, it is about transmitting knowledge in a particular area of the father or mother of the child or grandchild’s circumstances (family business, family tradition).
This month there will appear a new, young person in your professional environment.
There will be travel for Aquarius men that will have a relationship with the family or people who will be related to your home.
There is a possibility of a new beginning associated with a relocation of residence because of a new job or a new home.
There may be news or a proposal about which many will rejoice, but it will bring sadness or other emotional or financial discomfort to people around you. You may receive a proposal or information that is very nice and could be cause for joy if coming earlier or later in time for you. Soon you can make a more ambitious plan for your personal or professional life, but when you have to do something, you will need to obtain or verify information, not only rely on yourself. Otherwise, expect unwelcome surprises.
May will bring a chance to find a soul mate, a person with whom you will build a very strong and successful, personal or business relationship.
During this month you may encounter someone or something in an unexpected place.
Unfortunately, health problems of a woman close to you (relative or friend) will continue now, and probably in the next few months.

Pisces Monthly Horoscope May 2017
During May you can expect joyful events associated with the birth of a child, a personal celebration of a child or grandchild. Success will be associated with a young person from your family.
Some Pisces women will welcome a new baby, new connections with future paternity, or joy because of the expression of a small child.
There will be an impact by or a postponement of plans or actions related to movable or immovable property.
A dispute or difficulties related to property may arise between loved ones.
Trouble in the family will now be more connected with some emotional insult or loss that will be difficult to experience.
This month you will have greater expectations of higher income which may be related to the work of foreigners working with a company or customers who are far from you.
It is possible to get money from afar for a variety of reasons.
This month will be planned or things will be implemented by way of a distant journey.
You will experience a verbal attack on the family by a person outside your home.
Be careful with your new dating, or people who look specifically for contact with you. Beware of scams from your involvement in someone else’s goals who may be engaging you in intrigue.
Interesting news and conversations with friends will come to Pisces men. You will learn many things, and possibly there will arise a new idea for developing your idea or project.

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