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March 2017 highlights

During March, 2017 we will experience a strong Mars in Aries and a benefic Venus in Pisces. Jupiter and Venus are both retrograde this month.

The Effect of Mars in Aries

mars-smallMars moves into Aries on March 1st where he will stay until April 12th. Mars is strong in his own sign where he can easily express his qualities of initiative, independence and courage. A strong Mars is beneficial if you are having surgery this month. Mars is assertive in Aries and will defend his territory.

While Mars transits Aries his influence on our individual lives differs depending on which of the twelve sign constellations are prominent for the individual. Read about the positive effects that Mars can have for your rising sign. You can also read the effect of Mars on your Sun and Moon signs. Please note that I am referring to the Vedic astrological chart which differs from that of western astrology.

If Your Vedic Rising (or Sun / Moon Sign) is:

Aries: With Mars transiting your first house (self and body) your energy is high this month and you are able to get a lot done. This is a good month for making lifestyle changes.

Taurus: Mars rules your 7th house (partnership) and is transiting your 12th house (retreat, travel). This can be a good time to do something relaxing and fun with a significant other. Go on a yoga retreat with your friend or take a vacation abroad. Relax and enjoy a massage.

Gemini: Mars is in your 11th house of gain. This is a good time to begin new projects. Mars can give you enough energy to work on your projects and his influence will support your efforts.

Cancer: Mars is in your 10th house of career and you are creative, as well as assertive now. Work of a technical nature is especially supported.

Leo: Mars rules your 4th house of education, home and family. Mars is the planet that represents property and land. For your rising sign Mars is currently transiting the expansive 9th house making this is a good time to invest in your home or property. This month can also give opportunities for expansion of  technical knowledge, for instance it might be a good time to learn more about your computer. Starting new classes – or teaching classes – in fitness and exercise are also favored.

Virgo: This is an especially good time to work with your health by doing yoga or other physical exercise. You may find that your stamina is increased during this transit. A change regarding siblings or your neighbours could come up. Mars is in your 8th house of investigation, so this is a very good time for doing research.

Libra: Mars is in your house of partnership. Your partner is strong, in fact other people may overwhelm you at times. Artistic pursuits are healing for you. If you are involved in business this could be a busy and profitable time.

Scorpio:  You can stand up for yourself against opposition and your own immune system is strong. If you need to have surgery, this could be a suitable time. With Mars in your sixth house this is a good transit for doing things that requires a quick and decisive response.

Sagittarius: Your mind is quick and sharp during this time. If you want to create a new approach to something, your mind will create a good strategy. You have Mars in the fifth house, and this could be a good time to do something active or adventuresome with your children.

Capricorn: If you own land this is a good time to work on developing your property. A strong Mars in the 4th house also makes this a good time to invest in property. This transit is also good for doing home repairs or changes in your current living situation.

Aquarius:  This transit of Mars is good for exerting physical effort . Go on an adventure if you can, you may feel like pushing the limit.If you are involved in sales or communication you can be  assertive and strategic now.

Pisces: Not only are you experiencing the pleasant transits from Venus and Jupiter, but Mars in Aries can increase your income, especially if you are involved in teaching or travel.

Venus goes retrograde

Venus - Vedic AstrologyWe are all lucky to have a well placed Venus in Pisces while Mars is so strong. Venus helps us to experience beauty and compassion, balancing the assertiveness that comes from Mars in Aries.

Venus is retrograde between March 4th and April 15th. Jupiter is also retrograde this month. With both benefic planets retrograde we may see a slow down in the booming stock markets.

A retrograde Venus may bring encounters with past relationships and friends. You may return to an artistic endeavor or revisit a distant place.

The Dance of Mercury & Jupiter

MercuryMercury joins Venus in Pisces on March 10th and will travel swiftly through this sign.  While Mercury is in Pisces he exchanges signs with Jupiter. These two planets also aspect one another so there is a strong connection between them.

Jupiter often has a grand vision but doesn’t pay much attention to the details. On the other hand, Mercury is good with details. However, Mercury is compromised in the sign of his debilitation. Due to these influences, we need to watch out for ungrounded and impractical thinking.

On March 26th, Mercury moves into Aries where he stays until June 3rd. Mercury stays in Aries for a long time due to the fact that he goes retrograde in April.

Dates to remember

Vedic Astrology Transits for March, 2017

March 1st:  Mars is in Aries until April 12th

March 4th: Venus is retrograde until April 15th

March 10th: Mercury joins Venus in Pisces until March 26th

March 12th: Full Moon in Leo

March 14th: Sun joins Venus and Mercury in Pisces

March 26th: Mercury moves into Aries and stays in this sign until June 3rd

March 27th: New Moon in Pisces

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