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June 2017 Predictions

June Monthly Horoscope Forecast is based on your Moon Sign. If you do not know your Moon Sign contact us to find your Moon Sign.

Aries (Mesha)

Last few months would have been a bit challenging for you, but June will show the light at the end of the tunnel. Some positive changes are ahead and you’ll observe a pleasantness in your surroundings. You are totally in for new experiences and have a lot of courage and character to get you going this month. Most of the days in June will have emphasis on relationships. It seems love matters have become somewhat of a priority at this point. In fact, in all sorts of relationships, you would observe positivity and cordiality. You will be appreciated for your compassion and help you extend.

Chances are that social interests would find prevalence over self-interests. Some community service is also expected this month as you think for others. People around you would support your endeavours. A particular female companion may help you in exceptional measures at this point. Father may not offer much support until 21st June though. This could be due to his bad health so be watchful.

A lot of activity is expected on the work front too and it seems you could look forward to a new income opportunity. As the month comes to a close, you would see a high jump in your cash inflow, which may pretty much stabilize your finances. This month has the promise of gains from abroad so keep your options open. Overall, June seems to be a pleasant period when the balanced growth in all areas will keep you content. Further, spiritual pursuits or travel post 9th June would promote more peace and harmony, thanks to Jupiter going direct.

Taurus (Vrishabha)

The month of June suggests step-by-step progress and improvement. There will be a new energy and fresh vibes, with a promise of an accommodating atmosphere to grow in. You seem to be blessed with more confidence and determination, this could usher in a quicker paced professional success. The need to earn more is quite overpowering and the main reason behind your out-of-this-world efforts. It seems you’ll be constantly on the lookout for new sources of income. And foreign opportunities could be one of these.

A lot of your energy would go into resettling life, bringing a balance between work and play. Either a job transfer would affect your domestic stability or change of residence would affect your work schedules. In any ways, you will struggle to enjoy peace of mind this month. Going on a trip would certainly restore your energy and positivity, especially if you choose a spiritual place but let it be frugal than lavish as expenses could be tad high this month. While the month is mostly positive, the period after 21st June demands hard work. It seems that luck quotient would be low in the last few days so rely more on your efforts.

Gemini (Mithun

June seems to be a positive month for you. Pending tasks would be taken care of now and this will bring a sense of satisfaction to you. This could be the perfect time to pick up the long-due renovation or any files left unattended at work. Relationship with mother will improve around this time and this could be the perfect time to take her for the religious trip you promised long ago, if health allows. Things would be smooth on the domestic side of life and a real estate purchase is also on the cards.

On the personal front, you will feel more energetic. In fact, since planets warrant more hard work as opponents could be active around this time, your energy will come handy this month. This is not the best time to strike new partnerships. Nonetheless, you will have a good social life this month, which would help alleviate all the work related stress. In general, if you avoid any risks during the coming period, the month shall fare on a positive note and there will be sufficient gains.

Cancer (Kataka)

Expect June to be an average period for you. While health could take a toll on other aspects, luck would be somewhat favorable. It’s just that your energy level could be low around this time so you might not be able to give your best in certain aspects. Make sure that you don’t ignore if symptoms of a chronic disease appear out of a sudden. On a positive note, since you are blessed by lady fortune, you will see that even little efforts would fetch the reward for you. And since family support would be there, you will get through the challenges without any damage.

Finances seem to be well on track this month but it’s possible that you may be betrayed in money matters so be watchful. Expenditure is also to be vetted but overall, there will be gains along with new growth prospects from foreign places. You would also see that areas like research and occult interest you a lot during this time and will prove profitable too. Since there is a lot on your mind this month, travel could be considered for mental relaxation as long as it doesn’t affect physical health. On a general note, this month would fare well for you as long as you don’t react in haste. The period after this month would be more fruitful.

Leo (Simha)

June opens up with Mercury’s move into Taurus where it joins Sun on the 3rd. This lucky combination in your career house will energize your work sector and offer ample confidence and communication ability. Once Saturn moves out of your love house, you will see matters of the heart will be smoother towards the end of the month. However, if married, you might feel a bit detached from partner and some mental confusion persists. Your desires will increase around this time and your temperament will be more stable. However, some anger issues may still persist in the second half of the month.

Luck quotient will be high in career matters and you may also go abroad for work or may associate with foreign clients or company. Domestic matters require a calm and disciplined approach. In fact, hasty decisions and anger could spoil your relationships. The idea is to take things slow and think twice before doing or saying anything. Some filter mechanism in your words and actions would work wonders for you this month and make June a more lucrative period for you.

Virgo (Kanya)

June would be an average but a satisfactory period overall. You are taking a philosophical approach to life now and are willing to dig deep into things. This could be the perfect time for research projects. Work will assume larger importance now with fiery Mars energizing your career house. It seems you will spend a lot of time and resources towards professional endeavors. However, make sure to be more polite at the workplace in the second half of the month when Sun joins Mars. Sometimes, this conjunction produces excessive heat, which could affect work relationships. On the positive front, this conjunction gives you a lot of courage and ability to persuade people, which could work in your favor.

Health seems well on track but over-indulgence should be avoided. In fact, it might be the time to follow your diet and fitness regimen religiously. You have excessive desire to spend at this point and you would be confused as to where your earning is going. Expenditure is an area that needs to be worked out.  Overall, it’s a great time to expect reward since Jupiter will also be direct after 9th June, adding more luck quotient. However, you have to be willing to put the legwork too.

Libra (Tula)

June is a high-energy month for you. The previous slowdown and procrastination will ease off now, bringing a new pace to life. You will have more courage to fight off adversities. Your efforts will be highly rewarding around this time it seems. There will be ample gains from many sources. Any property related issues would settle in your favor. There is a possibility of striking new business deals as well. Ancestral property would bring some sort of gains to you this month. This is the peak time to progress, with so many opportunities thrown at you by the celestials. This month is all about taking those chances and moving ahead.

Connecting with spirituality will offer you a lot of mental relief and solace this month. And you’ll see an increased interest in occult fields as well. Expect to do and spend a lot of time and resources in this direction thus. This also means that spending needs to be kept under control.

You must prepare to be far more creative this month and think of ways to utilize this newfound imaginative sense. With all these positive developments, the period after 21st June could be a bit tough. There could some effects on your domestic and personal peace.

Scorpio – Virshichka 

June is the time to revise your strategies and take a calmer and disciplined approach. Spiritual pursuits would allow more peace into life so make sure to use such opportunities. A lot of your focus would go towards expenses as they tower high on the graph. You could cut down on some luxury indulgences, entertainment etc. While foreign trip is also a possibility, health demands attention, especially when you are out on the road. Places that elicit fear of height should be avoided.

The planetary changes are landing you into an intense situation this month. There will be a lot going on at the same time. You have a deep desire to be known for your extraordinary efforts. You really want to do something different. And, it seems you are highly productive and intellectual to fulfill your goals around this time. However, there will be a lot to take care of like a relocation that might take a chunk of your time. Your serious Scorpion side kicks in after 21st June when cosmic taskmaster sets into your Moon sign. This is when you may feel more pressured mentally. This could also trigger issues with mother.


Sagittarius (Dhanus)


The theme of the month is relationships. June gives you spring-like energy in this sector. In fact, this is where all your efforts are concentrated because of Mars. Love matters also come forward, with Venus harmonizing this sector of your horoscope. This could mean more compassion to share and possibility of new bonds. This month brings a lot of clarity and energy to you, but don’t let it overpower you. Relish the growth and know what steps you are taking. It’s the journey that matters, not the end goal, especially in terms of relationships this month. So avoid restlessness in the first half.

This month would bring relief in court matters and disputes. The latter half of the month is particularly rewarding. It seems your self-esteem depends upon how you outshine. So you need to make sure to work hard and perform well this month. Health needs watch, both physical and mental. This could be a good time to organize your daily life. In terms of mental serenity, the period after 21st June would be somewhat better. There seems a possibility of travel as well along with enjoyment and comfort. As long as you don’t end up indulging too much in your social circle, the month shall fare well.


Capricorn (Makara)

Capricorn, June will be a somewhat progressive period. You’ll welcome some positive changes in your life and more than anything, you will love the absence of obstacles in your path, so there will be a steady growth. Efficiency will be at peak in the work sector and the way you carry out daily responsibilities. Domestic harmony would keep you happy with Venus treading over your house of family comforts. However, some issues could crop up concerning ancestral property. On a different note, travel is also on the cards, possibly work related or for spiritual reasons but caution is advised when on the move.

Your determination and courage will come handy in stabilizing life. After 21stJune lethargy, delay and confusion might take over. Life-giving Sun is boosting your house of creative self-expression, so expect to feel a lot more confident and creative. Planets afford you with ability of persuasion and positive communication but there is a need to avoid haste and to think before you speak. This is because you don’t want to make any promises in a rush that you can’t fulfill later.


Aquarius (Kumbha)

June is a positive time and your patience will pay off now. Planets are giving you the green light to fulfill career goals. You have a lot of energy to invest into work sector now but make sure that personal life does not take a back seat. Get ready to bask in some admiration and recognition too as your reputation will increase now. Property sector and government matters would be profitable for you at this time. Travel could be a bit exhaustive this month so plan well ahead of time. Finance is an area you need not worry about, as long as you keep expenses manageable.

You would just marvel at how far you have come but you need not let loose yet. Keep your determination level high. With positive movements, you will also see some mental pressure rising. Health would thankfully support you but you may still want to be careful when on the road. This phase indicates spiritual indulgence and interest in occult sciences too and this will give you a lot of mental solace. It seems a bit of prudence and determination is the key to sail through this month without damage.

Pisces (Meena)

Jupiter brings dramatic sweetness into your life this month, so no matter what happens; you will feel content and satisfied. Planets are giving you more courage and communication abilities so you know how to connect with and influence others. Your life is taking the right direction and it seems this month you will particularly focus on family harmony and comforts. However, there is also a chance that you may have to travel far from loved ones. Positively, it could be a foreign trip, so some new experiences ahead!

You are a bit carefree and social at this time, and you’ll like spending time with friends. It’s good as long as you don’t overdo it or expend too much. You may squander excessively on opposite sex this month. It seems you are also interested to explore your own hobbies and pastimes so expect some extra expenses there as well. While it’s okay to retreat at times, you need to know when to strike back. Planets invite you to run after your goals, and giving you the courage, skills and luck factor needed to succeed this month. But you need to move. This is a good time to weaken your opponents and progress in business, but only if you act. Betrayal is also a possibility so keep eyes open.

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