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July 2017 monthly horoscope

July 2017 monthly horoscope


  July is a promising month for you. This is the time to shine out as Sun is illuminating your house of communication. Expect to feel a lot more confident and courageous when dealing with others. You will just wow with your words. Planets afford you with an active and energetic persona and it is time to put your energy to some use. A lot of planning and strategies will be part of your daily agendas this month and you will use your intelligence efficiently but your IQ may not help much in love matters as Rahu, the dragon’s head is playing with your mind there.


 July is a gentle reminder from the cosmos to bring back order and discipline in your life. Some mental distress and over-thinking may persist and you might have to work a bit too harder, but at the end, July is going to be a rewarding month. Venus is giving you pleasant vibes and you are in the mood to ease off. But be warned, the month ahead could be hectic due to a lot of travels, both for business and leisure. Despite being keen, you may not be able to spend much time with loved ones. That said, it’s time to pack your bags as a luxurious foreign holiday could happen!


The mantra for you this month is to “be yourself”. With Sun making its annual visit into your sign, this is the right time to prioritize your needs and launch into projects where your bubbly personality can shine out. As the month goes by, your speech will become even more effective and commanding. July will be a smooth sail as long as you don’t turn dominating and demanding. Your energy level should be superb, use it to build on any fresh ideas you might have. It’s likely that you will have some incredible money spinning ideas after 11th July. Rahu, the dragon’s head is boosting your desire and courage, you will not be afraid of taking risks now. Your relentless efforts would get you new opportunities on the work front. However, be warned, as haste could be detrimental too.


This month will recharge your batteries, as Mars will move into your house of self within the first few days. This is the right time to come out of your shell. But be warned, you could turn a bit aggressive and egoistic too, especially after 16th July when Sun joins in. Mind your anger before it controls your mind. If you keep this one thing as a beacon, July will be a lot pleasant for you.


July is the month when you will take your life goals very seriously and would be somewhat obsessed. You seem to have a lot of energy and drive to get the ball rolling. And to top it all, financial support would be available, further making things easier. This seems to be a positive month in terms of earning prospects. You might attract new income from foreign sources around this time. Planets will boost your intellect, but it might take a lot of effort to channelize your mind into a productive direction


July 2017 is going to be an average but eventful month. There is a lot on your plate. As the month kicks off, you will feel some level of relief, especially in property matters. Presence of benefic Jupiter with Moon is urging you to spend time in spiritual places and seek inner peace. Your thoughts would become more philosophical at this time. Support from parents would keep you motivated in July 2017. As the month progresses, you might find that your courage will get a boost post 11th July when Mars transits sign. The period thereafter is also positive for participation in physically demanding activities and sports.


This month, you are likely to make the best use of your balancing skills in stabilizing income and expenses. The focus would remain on improving savings. Career and business matters would take precedence this month. July also promises possibility of sudden gains, so be on the lookout. You might get an unexpected luxurious asset or item. A foreign trip also seems to be on the cards for you. However, delay is expected if you were looking to buy a house or vehicle.


If you are feeling a bit heavy-hearted and pressured, this is the time to calm down and relax. Throw all those mental worries out of the window and let the past be past. Look at the future prospects now that seem very promising, especially when it comes to income this month. While your will power and stamina may not support much this month, you should not surrender to these challenges. The taskmaster Saturn is urging you to work harder for your goals.


As the month begins, you are a powerhouse of energy, bright and commanding like the Sun, that is aspecting your ascendant. The same energy may not be felt in the way you communicate. While you will speak less, what you do will be more relevant. Luck will support well during the first half of the month. However, after 16th July, you should exercise care in all sorts of activities. Energy level may also be somewhat low in the latter half of July. Ketu, the dragon’s tail is likely to keep you on the go frequently throughout so be prepared.


You could expect a good month ahead. Your service sector is energized this month, giving you a can-do attitude. This is a good time to finish projects piling up on your desk and bring your work life back to order. Energy level will be at peak in the second half of the month. Any desires that you had to sideline in the past would b fulfilled now. You will focus a lot on entertainment & hobbies too. In fact, you would work towards self-improvement as well. Love matters also seem pleasant.


July seems to be a promising phase for you. You will have a mysterious, deep and serious personality this month. It won’t be easy to understand you. Like a vessel, you will contain a lot in your mind. At the same time, you have a charge in your life and desire to pursue passions with Sun hovering over your house of creativity. The most promising aspect of your life this month would be family happiness. Atmosphere at home is expected to be pleasant. You may also carry out a home renovation. However, issues are possible in the work sector.


This month is more about you and your family. It seems you will invest a lot of time into exploring your passions and hobbies too. Your energy will be directed towards creative self-expression. Overall, it’s a growth-oriented period with Jupiter making a connection with the first house. It is also a good time to explore your spiritual interests, occult sciences and for in-depth research. While your people and atmosphere around  you will be constructive, it is home where you will feel most appreciated and confident, just make sure that you don’t become dominating with your loved ones. Since Venus is fusing all the sugariness to your communication sector, there is not much to worry about. You will be ready to go out of the way to help others.

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