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February Month Horoscope

February Month Horoscope


Transits of Saturn and Jupiter both are not favorable and may create hurdles in Career and Health. Good time for traveling and preparing for higher studies. You should be careful from hidden enemies.


Saturn transit will give tough results. Financial position may be shaky and expenses will be on up. Earnings will be pressurized during this month. Peace of mind could suffer and you may experience shaky health. Venus and Jupiter transits are favorable for personal and social life. You may lack satisfaction and peace of mind, which could tell upon your health.


Barring Rahu’s transit all major transits are not favorable this month and could affect your financial and career pursuits this month. Good time for new business relationships or collaborations/partnerships. People working in private organizations may be forced to leave their jobs in some cases. Difficult time for health and love related matters. People looking for match for marriage may find going tough and experience unexpected delays.


Saturn Transit is going to be favorable for your all round prosperity and happiness. Your talents will be recognized and good month for career related activities. Some minor ailments may trouble you in this month. Health could be sluggish so you need to be careful in this month.


Earnings from profession may get reduces. Avoid speculative activities. Health of children and spouse may disturb you mentally. Not a good month for married couple as some bickering may happen between you both. Educational activities may get hindered in this month.


You may face nagging problems at work place and situation at homefront also may not be very rosy. Refrain from taking quick and impulsive decisions. Your expenditure may increase for your comfort. Health of some relatives may be cause for concern. Good month for academic pursuits. Transit is good for your parents.


Your fortune will take turn for the good due to Saturn’s Transit. Circumstances will be favorable for work/business etc. Avoid speculation and risky ventures. Health will be better. Personal life will be slightly better, but relative could annoy you needlessly. Very good time for competitions, law suits etc. Long distance traveling will give good results.


Sade Sati effects mean your earning could get reduced with losses in business deals, but Jupiter transit is favorable so it will dilute the losses of Saturn and will give you something to cheer about in this month. Moon’s transit will hit you if you wish to enter in to speculation so avoid it completely. Family members will be self centered and will neglect your needs be it your spouse or children. Not a favorable month for traveling. Students should work hard and put extra efforts if they wish to get results. Expecting mothers could get good news in this month.


Saturn Sade Sati will be creating adverse effects. Development at work place will be disturbing for you with obstacles. Loss of credibility danger will be there for you in this month. Your own people will lose sympathy for you and could turn against you. Also not a good period for your personal/love/married life , you could experience some tensions in your relationships with others. Good period for traveling and educational pursuits. Health will suffer in this month and may keep you down a few times with minor niggles.


Saturn’s Sade Sati is not favourable and it will mean obstacles and hindrances in career and work place. Unwanted transfer could happen. Friends could stab you in back, how ever Jupiter’s transit is favourable and will give you relief from the adverse transit of Saturn. Jupiter’s and Venus transits will give you happiness in personal and social life and life will be full of fun and frolic for you in your personal matters. Travelling and educational pursuits will be favourable and paying as well. Health of spouse and co born could be a cause for concern.


Saturn’s positive transit will give you income and happiness in profession and business dealings. Moon’s transit will mean your expenditure will be more than the income some days. Mercury’s transit will give good results in investments made by you. Mar’s transit will not be much happier and chances of quarrels with relative and known people from your circle is possible. Health of your spouse will not be satisfactory so you need to very careful about their health.


Do away with any speculative investments or lending or borrowing of big sums as its not favorable to do so. In business dealings you need to be careful and you must curb your over optimism. Jupiter�s transit will be beneficial for you and you will be able to gain from your dealings. General living standard will be increased. Your social circle will be widened. Your family members will be aggressive and self centered and will create stress for you.

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