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February 2018 Zodiac Readings

February Month Horoscope


All in all, this is a wonderful month for Aries natives. With the sun in Capricorn, you excel professionally. Whatever you set your mind to is conquered. As the first sign of the zodiac, you desire taking action above all else and with Capricorn to bolster you, nothing can stop you from whatever course of action you set your mind to. Romantically, things are also going well giving you a sense of balance, achievement and satisfaction. On the 13th, the sun moves into Aquarius, enabling you to gain a greater sense of self-confidence. This is a wonderful month for those of you with professional aspirations as well of those of you embarking on a new course of study. Things feel exciting at this time which keeps you engaged and interested. With Mercury in Capricorn, you feel enthusiastic and excited about projects, goals, hobbies and relationships. On the 15th, Mercury moves into Aquarius and you become hyper active! On the 6th, Venus moves into Aquarius, lending an enthralling and beguiling element to your love life. You aren’t a conventional lover, so this suits you just fine!


This month begins with the sun in fellow earth sign Capricorn, creating a favourable period for Taurus natives. You feel happy on all levels. Physically, you feel well, fit and robust. Mentally and emotionally, you feel satisfied and content. This is very attractive to others who are drawn to your zest for life and your ability to appreciate the smaller things that make life beautiful and great. On the 13th, the sun moves into Aquarius, and that’s certain to generate a few curveballs as only Aquarius can! At work, you come up with innovative new ideas that have the potential to transform the way that things work. You also feel enthusiastic and energetic both in and out of work. With Mercury in Capricorn, your ability to concentrate may be low but by the 15th as Mercury moves into Aquarius, you begin to develop and become more dedicated. With Venus in Capricorn, all that you do is sprinkled with luck. By the 6th, Venus moves into Aquarius which generates interest in you at the workplace. If coupled, your partner becomes more compassionate, tender and supportive of all of your endeavours.


For Gemini natives who exist on an entirely cerebral plane, you may begin this month feeling somewhat tense. This is because you are always in a position to think about what you want and therefore you can overlay, become self-conscious and think far too much about the future. With the sign of the time, Capricorn, hanging over you at the start of this month, this weight may be more burdensome than usual. You can offset this with meditation, bringing your mind back to the present. On the 13th, the sun moves into Aquarius, making your social and drawn to spending time with friends and family. You are leaving over-thinking and brooding behind you! You will also be especially close to those younger than you. With Mercury in Capricorn, you are urged to take care of your health. Have a solid regime in place that you can easily adhere to. On the 15th, Mercury moves into Aquarius and you may find that your personal life feels unsatisfactory. It is up to you to change it into something that resembles the life you desire. On the 6th, Venus, the planet of love, moves into Aquarius, heralding a favourable period for you. You will be especially romantic and sure of your love life. You may be all over your partner! Your interest in spirituality is piqued which may quell some of the anxiety in your mind.


We begin this month with the sun in Capricorn, the father to your maternal energy. This month, you should prioritise your romantic life with your partner. Rekindle the love with experiences, gifts and quality time. As a water sign, affection and deep connection and communion make you feel loved, adored and understood. Career-wise, growth and promotion are ensured. You are making steady progress due to your tenacious nature. On the 13th, the sun moves into Aquarius and your health may come into focus. Dedicate whatever is needed to wellness and do not neglect the fundamentals of health: light exercise, a good nights rest and nutritious food. With Mercury in Capricorn, women require freedom and understanding. You may need to be more vocal about what you want and need. On the 15th, Mercury moves into Aquarius and professionally you are at your best drawing recognition from those senior to you. Someone may even be drawn to your charm in a romantic sense! If single, this may be a perfect union. On the 6th, Venus moves into Aquarius. Your partner will be a tremendous source of positive energy inspiring you to be your best. Don’t be down on yourself. Remember what a unique, powerful and important entity you truly are and value yourself for it.


The sun is in Capricorn at the beginning of this month enabling you to be victorious over all that you pursue. After all, Leo’s are designed to be first right? As a fixed sign, there is a surprising degree of indecision this month as you may be unsure what you want to dedicate yourself to. You may be restless and itching for change and novelty. Once you find the right path, you will stick to it with vehement passion. On the 13th, the sun moves into Aquarius, and you may find it difficult to concentrate at work due to a difference of opinions with your partner. One element of your life may bleed into the other. Of course, conflict resolution is the best course of action here. With Mercury in Capricorn, you enjoy good health as is characteristic for Leo’s – you are the kings and queens of the jungle after all. This is a wonderful phase for those of you who harbour artistic aspirations. On the 15th, Mercury moves into Aquarius and it is important to prioritise your health and to think about what you are doing right and what you are doing wrong. Do you drink too much? Eat too much sugar? Exercise enough? Take stock. On the 6th, Venus moves into Aquarius enabling you to make romantic allegiances. You are innovative and a new and surprising love may enter into your life.


This month, you present a more polished appearance to the world which gives you an improved professional image and bolsters your reputation and prestige amongst your peers and colleagues. A combination of your personality and charm encourages others to engage with you and among them may be new friends and a potential new partner. If coupled, marriage may be on the horizon. If single, you may fall in love and begin a new relationship. Mercury in Capricorn indicates that you may lack some concentration and find it hard to focus. Your mind tends to be a busy place so add some meditation and yoga to your regime to help harness your energy so that you can be more productive. On the 15th, Mercury moves into Aquarius and you will enjoy monetary gain and good health. You will not be deterred by those who envy you or want to harm your professional image. On the 6th, Venus moves into Aquarius and you are advised to refocus on your health and wellbeing. There are many ways that you can do this and you are typically a health-oriented sign so you probably have your own systems in place anyway but it is never a bad idea to do more exploration and learning to improve your awareness of your own health and what you personally need to excel.


This month, you will grow as a person. You’ll be moving on up in the world by varying degrees. Growth can feel uncomfortable, even challenging but the alternative is stasis. Embrace the changes that this month brings. Embrace the uncertainty and if anxiety strikes, sit and meditate. Yours is a cardinal mind despite your indecision, and when you set your mind to something, you do see it through. On the 13th, the sun moves into Aquarius, sign of the innovator and genius, and you may worry about your image and how you are perceived by others. Don’t we all worry about this from time to time? In love, your ego may clash with your partner. Try to speak truthfully and directly. Don’t lose yourself in egoic pursuits. This is a great time for mothers who find themselves supported. There is a likeminded community to inspire and care for you. As Mercury moves into Aquarius on the 15th, you need focus. Ways to achieve this are through yoga and meditation. Achieving focus with a scattered mind is difficult but with practice, you will get there. Then your mind will be like a well-organised filing cabinet. You’ll know where everything is and will be able to access it at any time. With Venus in Capricorn, you feel jolly and have an eye for beautiful practical additions to the home. On the 6th, Mercury moves into Aquarius and you may find that you are visited by a brilliant idea.


Scorpios need time to disappear and regenerate and you may find that you habitually retreat from the world so that you can do this. Scorpio’s are like the snake that has to shed its skin multiple times to reach a point of growth. With the sun in Capricorn, you are in a stage where you wish to be around others and you are highly social. Your ability to concentrate is unrivalled and you throw yourself into any project or passion. It’s easy for you to commit to what you truly desire. There is no sense of flightiness. On the 13th, the sun moves into Aquarius, sign of the eccentric, and you will be progressive and determined at work. As Mercury moves into Aquarius on the 15th, you spend quality time with family and particularly your mother. At home, there is a wonderful atmosphere and you are truly able to relax as well as be inspired. Elder relatives will share stories and experiences that motivate you. On the 6th, Venus moves into Aquarius indicating that something new will come into your home. Professionally, this is a wonderful period for you and you reap the rewards of your hard work. Your mother channels plenty of love and affection your way and this is deeply rewarding to you as only the power of a mother’s love can be.


This is a financially awesome month for Sagittarius natives and you will make wise and profitable decisions for your entire family. Your personal life hums with a sense of adventure and spontaneity which is just how you like it. You may be busy with humanitarian causes or spending time with varied friendship groups. You are prone to know people from all over the world and of all different backgrounds and bringing them together may be satisfying to you. On the 13th, the sun moves into Aquarius, an energy that is very in sync with your own. Young ones are supportive of you and respond to your innate youthful energy. Luck supports and bolsters all that you set your mind to. Your love life feels harmonious and provides deep contentment. On the 15th, Mercury moves into Aquarius and you may find that you are worried about something. It’s a good idea to share your worries with someone trusted and close to you. Your life partner or the dearest friend are good choices. This will generate a sense of relief and lightness. Friends will help you in the near future. On the 6th, Venus moves into Aquarius indicating that you will take many short trips, and these will be successful. You feel close to friends and family and more social than usual.


This month, your professional energy is at its peak and you will pour your strength, determination, tenacity and resourcefulness into your career, reaping tremendous rewards and success. Capricorn is known for its desire to work hard and you know that slow and steady wins the race. You can moderate yourself, keep focused and to an extent, ‘plod along’ but the point is that you keep moving and maintain a sense of momentum. On the 13th, the sun moves into Aquarius, improving your financial condition. There is a chance that you will be rid of a chronic health problem. Remember to unite medicine, rest and nutritious food. Food can cure and keep away a great many ailments and this is a lesson that you should stick to on a daily basis. Less sugar Capricorn, for you are known for your sweet tooth. On the 15th, Mercury moves into Aquarius, generating a wonderful time for students of all ages. You may get a scholarship overseas studies or will get onto a desirable and prestigious course. Your relatives will be encouraging and helpful. As Venus, planet of love, moves into Aquarius on the 6th, keeping you financially strong and harmonious in life. Hard work will improve your bank balance, and this is another beautiful placement for students guaranteeing that you will perform well.


This month, a lot of Aquarius energy comes into play in your chart, so you may feel like more of an Aquarius than usual and many of your typical Aquarian behaviours will be exemplified and exaggerated. With the sun in Capricorn, it’s advisable to avoid making major decisions at this time. By the 13th, the sun moves into your own sign of Aquarius and you may think a lot but you will take action. You certainly won’t be paralysed by thought. Perhaps this is because you are a fixed sign and you desire movement, as well as being an air sign with a penchant for thinking! You are bond to cook up innovative ideas and you have thought processes that are literally lightyears ahead of your peers. Sometimes you may feel not of your time, in that you were born too early in history. Your ideas are just so ahead of the game! With Mercury moving into Aquarius on the 15th, there is a chance of promotion and new projects at work. Success touches everything that you do. This is a wonderful time to invest your money. On the 6th, Venus moves into Aquarius and serious life issues reach a resolution. There is a sense of things coming full circle. The women in your life become important as they support you as and when it is needed. Your love life is enhanced in a beautiful way.


With the sun in Capricorn, you are set to grow this month. This is a good time to focus on projects, goals, desires and dreams, of which you are likely to have many. Capricorn is a wonderful energy for you as it brings practicality and realism to your dreams. What may have previously been confined to the mind and the realm of imagination now has an opportunity to be born in real terms. Capricorn will lend you the tenacity, practicality and determination to bring things into being. You no longer need to dream! And after all, what are dreams for if not telling us what we desire so that we can make it so? On the 15th, Mercury moves into Aquarius and you may feel distracted and erratic. These feelings may be reflected in your spending habits. Meditation can help still and quell these destructive thoughts as can exercise and journaling. It’s all about finding outlets that suit your personality, temperament and style so that you can let anxiety come and go, without giving it much energy. On the 6th, Venus also moves into Aquarius which gives you a laidback attitude. Your priority will be rest and going with the flow. Try to keep the good habits you have learnt from the sun in Capricorn as these will stand you in good stead.

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