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Family disputes problem

Acharaya Shri is a top and famous Indian Astrologer in Sydney, who has been dealing with the families facing serious relationship issues for the past 20 years. Just like love and marriage, our family ties strengthen and weakens with the haphazard movement of the stars and planets, for which he offers his famous astrology solutions.

  • Family conflicts take root in one’s life because of the Vaastu Dosha, or even Mahadasha or antradasha problems in native horoscopes.
  • They can also occur because of the Grah Doshas in one’s horoscope.
  • Planet Saturn symbolizes scarcity and disputes and can cause serious relationship problems among the family members.
  • By critically examining each aspect of the horoscope and finding the loopholes, Acharya Shri offers his astrology solutions to the family facing disharmony and unrest.
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