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April 2018  Month Horoscope

At mid-month your charm and way with words attract new admirers. You can expect good responses to inquiries sent to local gurus. Late this month be sure to pay attention to news affecting your financial resources. The 23rd shows great prospects for business. Though you’ll feel pressured by deceptive signals from social organizations, stand firm and rely on your instincts.


april 2018 montlhy horoscope

Aries Monthly Horoscope

Your natural will power is strong, and hard work boosts finances late this month.

It’s action based on principles that wins prizes for you. Be a champion and lead the way! Your appeal to friends and those you love is strong this month, take time to share your best ideas.

At mid-month your charm and way with words attract new admirers. You can expect good responses to inquiries sent to local gurus. Late this month be sure to pay attention to news affecting your financial resources. The 23rd shows great prospects for business. Though you’ll feel pressured by deceptive signals from social organizations, stand firm and rely on your instincts.

Taurus  Monthly Horoscope

Early April shows self-development and unusual behind-the-scenes ideas create opportunities late month. Dreams become reality if you proceed carefully. After Easter (the 15th) you express yourself with charm and clarity.

Your closest relationships benefit from helping others. Recognize “we are all in the same boat” to build new alliances. Prepare for changing conditions in your personal as well as business life. People admire your professional skills and status: be willing to take risks with in your career. Don’t make any new moves in late April.

Your financial base may increase this month, and is more stable.


Your self-confidence helps you make major improvements in your personal as well as home and work life. You feel you’re on the winning team in April! You may become a bit more cautious on the 20th. Serious problems are few, though some partnership doubts may arise.

In your social life, expect to make pleasant personal contacts in a group setting. Cooperate even when someone close shows anger. Jealousy or lack of self-confidence may be behind his/her behavior.

Be understanding. After Easter, focus on interior life and meditation. There are plenty of clues to help you explore your inner self. Higher education has a lot to offer now. Pursue ideals.

Cancer Monthly Horoscope


You’re emotionally strong, feel a sense of power in your career activities and in your public life. In late April you enjoy meeting those you share important interests with – this could be at religious or scientific events.

You’ll learn a great deal on the 23rd; use this knowledge for your own advantage and prepare for new adventures! Your personal life improves after the 7th: you’re much less nervous then about career matters and your calm, relaxed manner attracts others to your side.

After the 19th is a go-ahead signal for love, friendship and career-related benefits. In the health department you need to be sure you don’t overwork: take time off when change is too sudden. Be alert to your own needs, don’t force the pace. Gentle exercise, such as yoga, can keep you moving, yet feeling peaceful and centered.

 Leo Monthly Horoscope

Leos are enthusiastic now and pursue ideals that matter to many. You seek the newest books, may sign up for a college course. You are connected with the wider world in early April. You improve friendships as you explore.

Later in the month focus on public events: these could occur in connection with your job or a favorite charitable or political cause. You’re socially very active: share your concerns with the new people you encounter. Slow down after the 20th.

Expect pressure from close partners who may think you’re being too unconventional as you involve yourself in interesting but unusual studies. They can’t stop you, you’re full of creative energy! Expect a special opportunity in romance or having to do with art around the 14th.

 Virgo Monthly Horoscope

Life at home is rather volatile for Virgos this month. You do your best to defuse conflicts between family members. Accept the fact that for much of the month there are stressful changes in shared legal matters. Be tolerant of life’s imperfections.

Late in April a more idealistic time begins. Important life changes this month is a remarkable asset for your closest relationships. Your self-confidence increases this month. April benefits important career moves; be sure to strive for the support of the authorities in your life.

Late in the month you need to slow down at work to stay healthy. April also gives you both new health programs and the insight to use them wisely.

 Libra Monthly Horoscope

April offers Librans many unusual creative opportunities. If there is a hobby or art project you have put on hold because of time pressures, use this month to pursue it. At the same time ideals greatly extend your intellectual perspective.

In your personal life, partnership relations give new dimensions to intimate affairs. Love and self-confidence increase for you this month. Late in the month there is a more serious side to events: you may be asked to make decisions in shared ownership matters that affect your future.

The 23rd favors clear communication. You need great mental alertness now: change could be unsettling.

 Scoprio Monthly Horoscope

Late this month is a great time to improve your relationship with someone who’s very important to you. Scorpios have extra energy to make serious new friends as well. Time is on your side. April tells you to make decisions to improve diet, exercise and/or working conditions.

A sense of humor is a distinct healing asset in April; draw on yours often! Your emotional attitudes are contradictory at home: you want to create an all-new family scene but an inner voice says, “Don’t do it.”

You have new opportunities to express yourself about finances on the 14th. Resources require work and close supervision.

 Sagittarius Monthly Horoscope

You seem to just grow stronger as spring moves into full swing. You’re creative and romantic all month. Be sure to use your talents and enjoy new pleasures. Sagittarians are emotionally intense this month.

Your social life is graced in the are of relationships.

Entertain, be generous with your time and resources. Your health requires that you not only take doctors seriously but that you research health matters yourself late April. Mental alertness means a lot. Avoid alcohol or other mind-bending substances, especially on the 28th.

April 2018 Capricorn Monthly Horoscope

Domestic life is important to you early this month. Capricorns want home surroundings to be fresh and beautiful. Gifts to those you love are appreciated, especially if you make it plain that you give only to express admiration.

Late in April, you’re cheered by creative pleasures. Personal happiness seems near after the 19th. At the same time you understand the need to deal with inner turmoil. Review your life. There are important events affecting your finances as well as spiritual resources.

You need to stand up, play an independent role in financial plans. At the same time be aware that April can spoil progress. Avoid dangerous detours. Your health is in expert hands in April.

Aquarius Monthly Horoscope

This is an interesting month for Aquarians because Uranus (one of your strong planets) and Neptune are in your solar 1st house of personality the whole month. These energies give you chances to take on new projects.

Avoid deceptions on the 28th. It’s a month when you need to be well-informed. Read, sign up for courses, consult experts in your field. Your home life benefits from this creative flurry. Family members seek your advice.

When you’re not busy studying and helping others at home, there is some extra time for pursuits you do for pleasure and creative expression. It’s a great month for romance. Also, you can make serious gains toward long-term ideals. Stay in touch with organized groups.

Pisces Monthly Horoscope

Your ability to make the best use possible of all your resources, financial as well as spiritual, increases in April. A self-confident approach earns good fortune this month. Your professional life or public contacts benefit from a hands-on active approach.

Don’t wait for someone important to notice you – take the initiative. Major changes will hurt if you let yourself get too upset. Rational study, a clear mind are your assets. One of your Pisces planets, Neptune, in your solar 12th house of meditation (with Uranus) gives you wonderful dreams.

Your home life shines with enthusiasm, seasonal entertainment.

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