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Birth Chart Reading

This Reading is all about you, and the kind of journey you will take through life. Learn about your relationships and how to better understand them, money, luck (believe it or not some people are born with luck – could that be you), and your career and or life direction, identify unconscious motivations that drive your strengths and shortcomings and even vulnerable “blind spots” so you can make positive change.

Acharya Shri  Astrology, Palm reading, Yagna-Hawan, Pooja-Path, Katha Pravchan, Meditation and all Vedic workshops all over Australia

All the below services are available all over Australia in Sydney, Melbourne, Perth , Brisbane and Adelaide 

100% Personalised Answers and Reports – Basis Your Unique Birth Details

50% off the actual Value  $100.00 You only pay $50.00 

In full life horoscope prediction you will get – The detail Horoscope Analysis + House Analysis + Remedial Consultancy + Dasa Chart

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